Tuesday, May 4, 2004

Puerto Vallarta

As I write I am looking out at beautiful Bandaras Bay. We are quite high so we have a fabulous view. Many mornings we see a cruise ship or two come into port. We have watched dolphins swimming. Don and I have been here for two weeks. During this time, we have begun to settle in--mostly taking care of the essential business details that moving involves. We are still waiting for our shipment to arrive from Saudi. It is in Manzanillo at present but getting it through customs there has been a 'cultural experience'. Wish us luck as we return to Manzanillo for the second attempt on Friday. We are working on our Spanish as it will be essential to our survival. We are trying to spend some time each day studying--and then trying to be brave enough to use it. We have a monumental task ahead of us once our shipment does arrive. In way too few days, we will have to try to find spots for most of our stuff--and storage for the rest. On May 14 we return to Canada for the summer. So much is happening that it makes our heads spin, but we are having fun and enjoying our new home. Every day we remember that we are relieved to be out of Saudi.

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