Monday, May 17, 2004

Great Big Weekend

Had quite a busy weekend. Scott, Lesley and I went for dinner with one Lydia (one of my co-workers) at a great Sushi joint in Japan Town (Kubotos). Jen was supposed to join us, but had her horse almost throw a shoe, and totally forgot about us, while she was busy reshoeing her horse. I don't think she was too upset, as she and Sushi aren't the best of friends. Saturday morning we got up and Scott, and Lesley dragged me into San Jose to do some work on their way to the epitome of Americana: The Baseball game (SF Giants vs. Pittsburgh Pirates). I worked for a bit, biked home (new record...74 minutes. Yes, I shaved off a whole 60 seconds), hooked up with Jen, and immediately turned around and drove back in to San Jose to pick up Lydia on our way up to San Francisco to hook up with Scott and Lesley to go see one of our favorite bands, Great Big Sea, in concert at the Fillmore.

Great Big Sea put on a wonderful show as per their usual, and their opening act, Carbon Leaf, was really good as well. Carbon Leaf's lead singer looks and sings like a young Gord Downie from the Tragically Hip. Checking out Great Big Sea's blog (May 9th), I can see that Alan is also a Flames fan..more on that in a sec.

The only sad thing about Saturday is that Jen and I knew we were missing Kristin's wedding. Congratulations Kris! Hope everything went well.

Sunday morning we got up, I did a quick run, ate breakfast, and we headed up for the Napa Valley. Went to a couple of nice wineries (V. Sattui and Coppola). I'm not big on the wine, but I am big on the various condiments and chocolate. V. Sattui had a phenomenal sweet pepper oil, and Coppola had an incredible wasabi, sesame, soy, dark choclate bar. Sounds strange, but you have to believe me that it was excellent (70% pure cocoa...none of that Hershey's crap ;-) ). We then did a quick drive down through San Francisco, to give Lesley the whirlwind tour. We drove across the Golden Gate, headed through past the North Shore, climbed up Hyde St, went down Lombard, cut back across the city over to the Palace of Fine Arts, and then hooked up on the 49 mile drive. We continued on down highway one to Half Moon Bay, where we had a late dinner at the Half Moon Bay Brewpub, before heading on home. Got home last night about 00:00, and had got to sleep about 02:00 the night before, so I'm not moving very fast today at work.

The only sad thing about Sunday was that the Flames lost last night. That ties the series up at 2-2. Hopefully they'll get back on track though.

Anybody want to write anything about Kristin's wedding?

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