Monday, May 17, 2004

I can do this too

I was feeling sorry for Dave, the family's sole author, so I decided to help him out by posting a blog of my own. I just got back from another whirlwind weekend trip... this makes 3 in a row... maybe soon I will spend a weekend in Vancouver, seeing as I just moved here. On Friday afternoon, I drove to Canmore with Todd and Pam. We arrived sometime around 2:00am local time, after having had a nice stop at Moose Mulligan's with Doug and Opal McManus for dinner in Sicamous. We spent the night at the Rocky Mountain Inn, and when we woke up we walked outside and were surrounded by lots of people that we hadn't seen forever... uncle Rob, Tyler, Bill, Sandy and their Hartman kids, Andrea, Stacey and Brad Hartman, Jill, Kim, Erin, and Tracey (and their kids!)... Kristin and Shane's wedding took place on the edge of a lake reflecting the rockies in the background. They both looked fabulous and I think Shane's socks and tevas went well with his suit.
The reception went on until the wee hours and we had a great party before climbing back into the car yesterday morning and driving all the way back to Vancouver.
Next weekend I am back to the lake, then my friend Al the biker ( will be here with his friend Duncan to visit. Yay! Here are a few pics of the last 2 weeks... 2 of me and my bros in San Francisco last week, and a few of the wedding this past weekend.

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Dave MacLachlan said...

Thanks Shan! Now we just have to con mom, jen, dad and bren into posting occasionally ;-)

BTW I edited your posting so that it had you as the category.