Thursday, May 13, 2004

Flames 2 - Sharks 0

Forgot to mention this the other night :-)

BTW Biked in from home to work (36 km) in 65 minutes (Avg 32.8 km/h). Not bad considering the last personal best I can remember was 70 minutes or so. There is some room to improve though. Lance Armstrong maintains 40.8 km/h (over the entire Tour De France!!!) which means he could do the same sprint in 53 minutes on a bad day.

I figure if I had the bike he has, I'd easily be under 50 minutes. It's all about the bike. Why are there no sarcasm tags in html? ;-)


Bren said...

It is all about the bike! At least it better be when you're spending 15,000$ on Lance's bike! man...that's
the cost of three of my dream bikes...and change!

Dave said...

So somebody pointed out to me that bike racing is completely different than triathlon. So I checked out Peter Reid's page (, did some quick math, and found out that he's only clocking 38.1 km an hour (over 180 km). Of course by that time he has swam 2.5 miles, and has a 26.3 mile run ahead of him, but who cares? I still think it's all about the bike.....:)