Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I'm old

Last Thursday I turned 30 years old. My incredible wife set up a whole collection of surprises for me, some of which I guessed about in advance, and others which were completely unexpected.

I had been told that our friend Peter, who often does work down here in the Bay Area, was coming down for a quick business trip, but when we went to the airport I found that my sister Shannon, and my brother Brennan had arrived in his place. I had guessed that Shannon was possibly coming down, but had no idea that Brennan would be joining her.

Shannon had never seen San Francisco, so we got up reasonably early on Saturday, and headed up to the big city with my friend Chris Paduan. Unfortunately we were too late to get Alcatraz tickets, but instead we spent the day wandering around San Fran. We did the usual touristy bits: Fisherman's Wharf, Ghirardelli, China Town, Golden Gate Bridge, the Sea Lions, Lombard St, the Apple Store, etc. Shannon ended up getting a wireless router so that she wouldn't have to install cabling in her 10x10 apartment back in Vancouver.

I had been told that we'd all be going out to dinner that night, but when I got back home I found an entire household of people waiting for us. Friends of ours from all over had shown up..folks from work, friends from Jen's school, neighbours etc. Half way through the evening a woman arrived at the door, and had me sign for a package. I went outside, and it turned out that Peter Newbury, Scott Ferris and his friend Lesley had come down from Vancouver to hang out with us for the week. I was totally not expecting them to arrive. They joined the party, and a great time was had by all (I think). Special thanks goes out to our friends Jeff and Bruce who did a phenomenal job cooking up the tri-tip, and another special thanks goes out to Chris Paduan and Noelle for distracting me for the day, and recording the event on camera respectively.

The next morning we got up and shook the cobwebs out of our skulls with a big breakfast. The girls went out shopping, and Scott and I took Bren up to San Jose to see a friend of his. We spent the afternoon watching the Flames-Sharks hockey game, and then sadly had to take Brennan and Shannon back to the airport to fly home.

Peter is staying until Tuesday, and Scott and Lesley are staying all week and going to see Great Big Sea up in San Francisco with us next Saturday night. We've actually got a free ticket if anybody wants one.

Here's a link to some pictures right now. Hopefully I'll get those off of Noelle and keep them locally.


emd said...

I am sorry we couldn't be there. Glad to hear you had a great time!

BTW, great site!

Kevin Rochon said...

I was just looking around you site, I wonder if you could help me. I was looking for an old friend of mine Scott Ferris. I checked out your pictures and it was hard to tell, it's been some time, but two of them looked like him. I worked with him in Vancouver before he moved to Kingston. If this is the same Scott, would you be able to help me contact him. If not...cheers.