Sunday, February 13, 2005

Why I hate Internet Explorer!

So I'm working on a webpage for Jen. Making it all XHTML goodness, CSS, you name it. Since I'm a Mac type guy, I check it out first on my machine:

  • Safari? Check

  • Firefox? Check

  • Opera? Check

  • Netscape? Check

  • IE 5.2.3? Check

So I move over to Windows to check things out.

  • Firefox? Check

  • IE? Check..whoa! LOOKS LIKE CRAP!

Png transparencies suck. CSS support sucks. '? Nope...need to replace it with ' thank you very much. Why does IE suck so bad? Why do people use it? I'm going to go to the store so I can get away from this for a while. End of rant....


sar said...

I concur... IE totally sucks! And, on a completely different topic: I lost your email addy, so I came to your site to send you to =) Enjoy!

Dave said...

Thanks Sar...that is really cool! We're keeping all names a secret right now.