Saturday, February 26, 2005

Relay This!

Hey all...for those of you who've eveer had problems with mail being bounced back to you, I think I fixed it. As a bonus, got our internet speed cranked up as well! woo hoo. Anyways, apologies to anyone who noticed mail being down for about 20 minutes today. You had to send out during that 20 minutes to have noticed it. Please let me know if there are any problems. I know about the authentication one, and I will be working on it.


Shannon said...

Hey Dave-- thanks for fixing up all of those little problems, most of which I never even notice-- I know you put lots of work into the server and I never say anything about it. I love having this site and email address!

Saw The Phantom of the Opera movie today... it was really good.

Dave said...

Glad you enjoy it....I don't actually put that much work into the server. Occasionally it does require a kick or two though.

Mary said...

Another vote of appreciation from your mother. I love the sight. It makes my day easier and more fun. Thanks.