Tuesday, February 22, 2005

29 weeks

Evidently, this is what is going on with our little weed this week. Another site told me she is about 17 inches long, and weighs about 3 lbs. (Thank goodness its not ALL me:-) She is so active now it is fun just sitting and feeling her move around. Everyone keeps telling me to get as much rest as possible now, so I am enjoying lying and feeling her move around.

For the past six weeks or so, your baby has been listening to your voice (along with the voices of your partner, older children, and anyone else who's been talking to your belly). Speaking to your baby is not only a key part of prenatal bonding, but may also form the basis of language development. Babies who have been spoken to in utero recognize and turn to familiar voices immediately after birth. There may also be links between prenatal stimulation and the development of speech and IQ. Conversely, studies have shown that songbirds hatched from the nests of silent foster parents don't sing.

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