Thursday, February 24, 2005

Congratulations, Laddie!

For the record, Brennan has been working his ass off this term-- and for once it has proven very fruitful! He has been accepted to go on exchange to Glasgow next year, which means that his big sister is going to have to come visit him. :)
Big sister, on the other hand, is dealing with a load of *&^&^$^(((*&%$% from this institution they call a school the COLUMBIA ACADEMY in Vancouver. If anyone reading this has ever had any desire to go into Sound, Radio or Television performing arts, do NOT attend this school. It is a patronizing, insulting, uneducational, insulting excuse to suck money away from people wishing to further their educations. I graduate on Monday, and it can't come soon enough.
I was told tonight that I get zeros on my attendance in class last week because I left 10 minutes early after I had finished my work without "asking permission". The egos of the instructors here are so huge that I'm honestly surprised they can fit through the doors. It's very evident that none of them have a stitch of common sense, common courtesy, or idea of how to teach.
The temptation to blast the instructors during my last on-air shift tonight was VERY strong... but I daren't stoop to their levels.

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Jennifer said...

I am sorry that the program ended up not being what you were hoping it would. Hopefully its redeeming feature will be that just having creditation from them will be a foot in the door. Unfortunately I feel that way about a lot of education. Unless you want to be a doctor or lawyer, the only benefit is that employers like the peice of paper... Congratulations on graduating!!