Sunday, July 18, 2004


I MADE IT! got a call today asking for me to work two shifts on saturday!!! on the GARBANZO DOWNHILL!!! that's like the biggest downhill race in the world!! 3400 vertical ft of descent!!! OOHH YEAH!!! i'm so pumped...this is awesome.


Dave said...

Cool Bren! Enjoy....BTW where's my jersey? ;-)

brennan said...

it will be on it's way at 1630 today...hope you like it

gfox said...

That is very cool. Some friends and I were up at Whistler last weekend. I had a horrible day (hurt my back on my third run of the day), but the rest of the guys had a blast. Unfortunately it was raining on and off the whole day, so we never went up Garbanzo to check out the trails. A local said that he was talking to the guy who runs the park, and he said that at that time the trails were pretty soupy. This just means we will have to plan another trip up there this year!

Anyway, have fun at the race!