Sunday, July 25, 2004


the festival was amazing...i am awed, inspired, pumped, and eat sleep dream live and love riding that much more now...i couldnt' beleive some of the stuff guys were pulling, and trying to pull off. Incredible! and I got to see all my idols up close...which was great. THis is probably the best of the most impressive pictures i got while i was there...this is Thomas Vanderham during the of the tricks i wanna learn to pull...if you don't know who Vanderham is, he's one of the best extreme freeriders/downhillers in the world...and from Canada!


mary said...

Great pictures Bren. I think you need one of those Teeter-Totters build here. How have you lived this long without one. (Just try it!!!) Can't believe that people actually do this stuff. Don't they like living?

brennan said...

it's about living which is why you do it...the rush is so good. Like Norco's logo: live to ride ride to live

Dave said...

Bren...I compressed up your pictures so that they load faster. I'm going to write up a tutorial for folks so that we get the faster loading pictures. Your original pics were 384 + 444 k, the updated ones are 34 + 43k. This means we got a compression of about 10 times. Doesn't mean much for those of us on fast connections, but for Gran it means a lot of time savings. Also, it cuts down on the amount of bandwidth the server is using. Just wanted to let you know.