Sunday, July 11, 2004

What Is Your Soul's Trait?

Stole this one from Noelle's blog:

What Is Your Soul's Trait?

I got:

Your soul is OPTIMISTIC. You tent to look to the brighter side of things, and your positive outlook on life makes others happy. People love your open, unassuming nature and your innocent belief in good for you, the grass on your side of the fence is always greener. You are rarely, if ever, pessimistic or doubtful, and you try your hardest to make life the best it can be, for yourself and others. You are a joyful and radiant soul.

Notice the joyful and radiant bit...;-)


Shannon said...

Wow... we're both optimistic. How sweet. I thought that was a stupid test. I did it the other day.

Chris said...

I got Darkness. You should probably stand clear of me. :-)