Saturday, January 21, 2006

Last Day

So yesterday was my last day at Adobe. I've been working feverishly the past two weeks attempting to wind everything down, and cut it really close to the wire. I should have left more time, as I didn't get to say goodbye personally to everyone that I wanted to, but I did the best I could in the time I had. Should I be flattered that the day I left, Adobe stock fell by 5%? :)

This past week has been especially busy as I've been trying to disseminate all my important info out to the correct people. Spent Monday trying to get all my code checked in and building properly. Had lunch on Tuesday with the Apple Dev tools team, introducing them to the folks who were going to be replacing me as contact points for the Dev guys on the Illustrator team. Wednesday I had lunch with the folks I'm going to be working with at Google. Several of them are working remotely, so this week was the best chance to get some face-time with them. Thursday morning I spent 2.5 hours teaching everything I know about Xcode to my Illustrator team-mates, and then jumped in the car, drove to Google, and spent 6 hours learning everything I could about Google from my Google team-mates. Friday the Illustrator team took me out for lunch to say goodbye, and I did my exit interview. In between all of this I was coding like a madman trying to fix up my last couple of issues before my badge disappeared.

It was interesting handing in my badge, as the security guy was on the phone, and just kind of nodded at me and turned back to his phone call. I don't know what I expected, but seemed a little anti-climactic for some reason.

So we have to be careful this weekend, because we have no medical insurance until I show up at the Googleplex on Monday.

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