Wednesday, January 12, 2005

I Like the Word "Draconian", Dave

So I got back from 2 weeks in Mexico, all tanned and relaxed and dreading coming back to my stupid course. Within 2 days it had snowed about 10 cm, I had started my internship at CTV 4 days a week, and I got a call from the Vancouver School Board. They said, "You have been shortlisted to interview for a TOC (Teacher On Call... the new P.C. lingo) with the Vancouver School Board. Your interview will be conducted in English and French, written and oral, you will need to present a unit of work that you have taught and you may bring in a portfolio to back up your answers. Your interview is in 4 days."
I freaked, not having any of my teaching resources here, and not having spoken French since March. I ran around insanely between school and interning, trying to put together a unit plan, lessons, pictures, and anything else that proves that I am a teacher. I put together a beautiful portfolio, both paper and digital, and walked into the interview. From the waiting-room onward, the entire interview (save one question) was conducted in French by 2 local principals. EEK! I did ok, because yesterday they called and I got the job.
Yay. Money.
Now I will be working 6 days a week, from about 8:30am-midnight 3 days a week, and 7:30-10:00 twice a week, plus 9:30-7:00 on Sundays.
No social life for me. But I'm going to be rich and famous.

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