Sunday, June 6, 2004

Busy Weekend

It's been a busy weekend. We went and saw the new Harry Potter at an early morning showing that Adobe had organized. I get a laugh everytime we go to one of these movies, because the movies start at 9:00, and that's an earlier time than most of the geeks I work with show up to work on a weekday.

As far as the movie went, I actually enjoyed it more than the other two we've seen, whereas Jen wasn't quite as impressed. It's certainly darker than the other movies, as was being advetised by the critics. I really don't know how they're going to keep using the same actors for all the movies, as they are obviously growing up faster than their characters. JK better get writing fast!

After the movie, we hooked up with our friends Victor, Athena, and their daughter Vienna at a local Greek festival. The festival itself wasn't that exciting, but the food was excellent.

Jen, Taita and I then headed down to the ranch to check up on the horses. I told Jen, that I'd help her out with the one condition that we were home in time for the hockey game. Jen's taking care of them while Carla is away in Scotland for the week. Her horse Justice had been bleeding from the gums, and we'd thought it was due to him smashing his head on something, but when we got down there we realized that it was something different. We called down David our veterinary friend who came down and took a look at the horses. He realized that their gums were getting severely irritated from a grass they'd been eating. Several of the horses were bleeding quite badly. We ended having to "brush" all the horses' teeth. This is easier said then done for a dozen horses, several of whom are only partially halter broken. David actually had to wrestle down a couple of the horses, and had one very strong little foal who did her best to try and crush his feet beneath her sharp little hooves. Needless to say, by the time we got home, I only got to see the last 15 minutes of the third period. I did get to watch both overtimes though, and was extremely proud of the Calgary fans for applauding the Bolts, when they scored their quick goal in the beginning of the second overtime. We'll get them Monday night!

Sunday morning I got up early, and went for a great mountain bike run with my buddy Eric. We had a great spin in south Coe. Did some serious climbing in the California sun. Luckily we were able to hit the trails by 8:00, so it wasn't too smoking hot. I got home, and immediately Jen and I hopped back into the car, and headed down to the ranch to check out the horses. The horses turned out to be fine, but Jen wanted to spend some time working with Justice, so I sat and watched her ride. Justice is doing really well, and is learning quickly.

When Jen and I got home, I went for a quick run. Ran into a guy whom I recognized from a road race I'd done last year. He was out for his workout as well. He realized that I was catching up to him right at the bottom of the hilly part of my run, and decided that he wanted to turn it up a notch. I wasn't about to let him get away, so my "slow long distance" run rapidly became a competitive outing as we sprinted up the hill to the top of the dam. We were probably averaging 6.5 to 7 minute miles up a 10% grade. My heart rate monitor was going off of the map. My max HR is 196, and it recorded a 195 score as we headed up the hill. I finally managed to catch him, and we thanked each other for pushing ourselves and promptly split up so that we wouldn't see each other puke in the bushes ;-)

I raced home, hit the showers, and then we headed over to Eric and Shelley's for a BBQ. It was a great dinner...too many young ones around though. Obviously I'm getting old ;-)

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Mary MacLachlan said...

Sounds like a great weekend. I picture you brushing horse teeth! Quite the picture. I don't even want to think about your heart beating at 195. I want you around for a long time still.
We are heading over to Gran's to watch the BIG GAME!! Go Flames!! Kris and Shane will be there as well as Ruth and Earl. We are doing the appies and they are providing dinner.