Sunday, July 16, 2006

So I went out for a ride...

So I went out for a ride on Saturday morning to do some training as I can't let Army Boy even think about kicking my butt on Sea 2 Summit. My favorite "how fit am I" training evaluation is to bike to Henry Coe, go for a run, and bike back (Click here for GoogleEarth Tracks). I've measured myself on this particular course a couple of times, so it's a great way of evaluating my overall fitness. As I was heading up towards Coe I passed a man who had stopped to adjust some stuff on his bike. I nodded at him to make sure he was alright and continued on my way. As I was on my mountain bike and he was on his road bike, I tried to see how long I could stay ahead of him. After about 6 hard miles he caught up to me, and the chat went something like this (edited as to not bore the reader to tears):

    Him: Nice pace. I didn't think you could hold me off for that long.

    Dave: Well it only cost me a couple of coughed up body parts that I left along the way.

    Him: How do you like your bike?

    I was riding my 2002 Specialized Stumpjumper FSRxc

    Dave: Love this bike...I've put some serious miles on it, and it's never let me down.

    Him: You changed the rear shock. Why?

    Dave: My Fox Shock wore out...

    Him: They wouldn't rebuild it for you?

    Dave: Nope...they wanted to sell me a new one, and I got the Cane Creek for way less

    Him: Hmmm...

    Dave: You know your bikes. Do you work for Specialized?

    Him: Yep

    Dave: What do you do for them?

    Him: I'm the president

    Dave: uhhhh....I'm Dave...

    Mike: Nice to meet you...I'm Mike.

We chatted for a few more minutes, and then he dropped me. Now for those of you who don't know, Mike Sinyard is a mountain bike god. He designed the first StumpJumper back in 1981, and has been working with them ever since. I'm very sad because I hadn't had a chance to clean or oil my poor 'jumper (which I usually do regularly), and it was creaking so badly as I was peddling up the hill, that I had cranked my iPod to drown out the noise...what did Mike think? Sigh... :)


emd said...

You of course, got his contact info for any future bike stuff?

al said...

Hope you thanked him for my free Rockhopper..!