Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Sacre Bleu! Tabernacle! Ou est le sirop?

Thieves Steal $1 000 000 syrup

How on earth do you fence 270 000 kg of syrup?

Also, according to this very official looking paper the density of maple syrup is about 1.25 g/ml. At 270 000 kg, that gives you 270 000 000 g of syrup, so you get 216 000 000 ml of syrup, or 216 000 litres of syrup. According to this price sheet, that's closer to $3 615 300 000 (yes that is 3.6 BILLION) dollars of syrup. Now we know that the province of Ontario enjoys fleecing the tourists, but even still...

BTW for our American audience, I realize this is all in Canadian dollars and all those colours (yes coloUrs) can be awfully confusing at times...but even still, that's 3.2 BILLION US.

Edit - who knows what I did on my math. As my Dad has kindly pointed out in the comments it's only (ONLY) $2 892 240...I somehow added a small factor of 10^3 in there. Oops.


Don said...

216,000 litres of syrup.
$53.56 US for a 4 litre can... that would be 54,000 cans and therefore retail at $2,892,240 US....(and 4 times that much if you want the 'Maple leaf bottle')
I guess that would be 'more than a million dollars'.

Noelle said...

Who the hell needs that kind of syrup? What would you even do with it all?