Saturday, April 1, 2006

Guilt Guilt Guilt

While I'm in a posting mood, I thought I'd throw this chart out for discussion:After a brief period of activity after my last guilt trip, things have died down some recently....

Shan, haven't you been to Mexico recently? I'm sure you have some lovely pictures to show us, or stories to tell.
Jen, did you tell folks about the 1/2 marathon you are training for?
Mom, how's things with the orchestra down there in PV? No interesting gossip to share?
Bren, aren't you and Julie down in PV right now? What are you doing for the summer? Nothing to rant about?'re being beaten out by Keira, and she can't even type yet. No stories to share about the theatre group?

Maybe next time you are thinking of sending a mail out to everyone, you may think "hmm..I could post that to the blog!" and share it with everyone.

End of I really will go and play with Keira.

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