Saturday, March 4, 2006

Silly Virus Facts

So I've been keeping track of viruses that have been blocked by the mail server and thought people may find this interesting. Since Feb 12th (so 20 days or so) the mail server has blocked 115 viruses. Of the 115:

89 were sent to shannon (78%)
20 were sent to mary (17%)
5 were sent to dave (4%)
and 1 was sent to shelley (1%)

Interestingly, of the ones sent my way, 3 were sent to david, and 2 were sent to dave. I NEVER use david, so I'd be interested in knowing who has me as david in their address book.

About 50% of them came from somebody in Bahrain. Anybody know anyone in Bahrain? If so, please tell them that spewing out virus email is not cool. Friends don't let friends send viruses :-)


Brennan said...

who's shelley? and let's take a wild guess as to who in our family still calls you David...;)

Dave said...

Shelley is a friend of ours that Jen was doing Share With Flair with. I use the same server to serve Share With Flair as I do maclachlans.

I don't think it's in our family. I'm looking for somebody with a PC...the Macs don't get the viruses :)

Mary said...

I do not call you David any more, David! Well, maybe once in a while....;-)

Shannon said...

Is this why I am getting so much garbage?! I get at least 6-7 junk emails a day. I don't give this address out freely... no fair that I'm getting attacked by the virus dorks. :(