Sunday, March 19, 2006

Learn how to speak Canadian eh?

Had a weird lost in translation moment today...

I wanted some tape to wrap around the chainstay on my mountain bike to protect it from the chain. The chainstay is the bike arm that runs from the front cranks to the back wheel, and the chain can hit it if it pops off your chain rings and scratch it up. I walked into Home Depot, grabbed the first person with an orange apron on and politely asked them to tell me where one would find hockey-tape. The blank stare I got was not that uncommon in our local Home-Depot, as they seem to have a lot of turn-over and there's new staff all the time who appear more lost than the customers. I thanked him, and immediately grabbed the next orange aproned help staff. 5 orange aprons later and I still hadn't found anyone who'd even heard of hockey-tape let alone could tell me where to find it. I described it in great detail and promptly got shown electrician's tape (nope), duct tape (nope), masking tape (nope) and scotch tape (really nope).

If I'd been at Crappy Tire, not only would I immediately been whisked to the hockey-tape section, but it would've been on sale and I could have probably bought 20 rolls on my Crappy Tire bucks.


To save some of you googling, click here to see what hockey tape is, and for a real laugh, click here to see Crappy Tire's ONLINE selection of hockey tape and that's only a subset of what they have. For the first time in my life I ALMOST feel the need for a Molson's or a Labatt's to drown my sorrows....this will have to do I guess. :)

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Noelle said...

Dude, you went to the wrong store. Try a sporting goods store next time (after all, hokey is a sport, not a home improvement). Big 5 has it. Mel Cottons has it. I even think AnyMountain has it.

Please note: REI is NOT a sporting goods store. It's a yuppy fashion pit where people go to get clothes for the photos they will take while doing their adventure sporting.