Monday, February 13, 2006

Splish Splash....

Hello everyone !

This is Rodric here, Shannon’s boyfriend.
I am happy to report that over the past 3 weeks I have all gotten to know you quite intimately… I am talking about your septic tank at the Lake.
The first time I got invited to your little paradise, the septic alarm went off not long after we got there. We figured out that the only way to solve this was to go take a peek inside, whereby we discovered that the PVC pipe connected to the pump had broken, so we got the pump out and glued the seal. The following weekend we were really excited to have running water again… but it turned out that after assembling the pump, it really didn’t want to cooperate anymore. That’s why we removed the pump again and bailed out 150 gallons with a bucket in order to be able to use the running water at all.
This weekend a new pump was found and assembled by Dutchie (seems like there are a few of them in your family) and upon arrival under a beautiful moon we installed it...
All is running again except the alarm sensor/float, which we are replacing in three weeks when we go back. A new piece of wood has replaced the old rotten pieces to protect the tank from debris falling and so we are nearing the end of this chapter. This weekend was beautiful : got the canoe out, paddled and got more familiar with the area and some of the stories at the lake.
I was going to tell you a bit about myself since I am able to read about you and thought it was only fair-- but Shannon figured this was better ‘cause nobody would read it if it was too long.
Instead a few pics from me included,


Mary said...

Welcome to Shuswap. Such an unusual way to get to know our family! I can't believe that you are half way into that horrid place and still have a smile on your face... We all thank you over and over again. (Tell me you didn't actually dive in. ) :-)

Dave said...

Rodric...congrats! You've posted more stories than my father has.

At least there's no snow on the ground.