Friday, November 26, 2004

Happy (US) Thanksgiving

Hope everybody who celebrates it had a Happy US Thanksgiving. Mr. Paduan provided us with a fine feast, and Aki provided comic relief by chasing after his cats all night. We ate very well, even if the Turkey couldn't figure out what time it was supposed to be done. Being Canadian expats living in the States we are used to double-dipping on the Turkey, much to our pleasure. This year we actually triple-dipped on the turkey (maybe that's why I didn't do as well in my race) in that we had dinner with my folks, the Evans family, and at Paduans. No pictures of any of it, but here's some pictures we took near CDN Thanksgiving from a wedding we attended in Canada.

Craig, Flo, Jen and I dressed up with somewhere to go

Tara Watson (née Shaw) and her new husband Scott

The rose between one drunk thorn, and one who hasn't drunk enough

We're in Canada now baby! Snow and a Timmies! Does it get any better?


Chris said...

I'm glad you enjoyed my humble repast. Thanks again to you and Jenn for helping out with it!

Aki said...

I'm glad I could provide comic relief. Next time I'll wear a costume :)