Saturday, October 7, 2006

Salmon Run 2006

Yesterday Rodric and I went to see the salmon run in the Adams River for the third time. This time I brought my underwater camera and got some cool footage... here are a few pics, and if you want to see a video go to:

For those of you who don't know anything about sockeye salmon, basically what happens is that they are born in a river, they swim to the sea and hang out there for 4 years, and then something inexplicable happens and they decide to return to the exact spot that they were born to lay their eggs. The female digs a hole with her tail, puts in the eggs, then a male comes along and fertilizes them, they get buried, then both parents die. For some reason every fourth year (being this year) is a particularly large run, and the spawning grounds are packed with red salmon. As well as these live ones that you see, there were hundreds of dead ones floating along the shores which attract lots of birds and bears, etc. It's really amazing to see. Canada's version of the Great Migration... or something.


Mary said...

Incredible pictures! What an amazing sight.

Dave said...

You used YouTube and not Google Video???? ARRGGH!

Cool footage though. Send me the movie and I'll post it on the RIGHT video server...:)

Did you do the video about the kid tour guide too or was that a different ShanMac?

Dik Hoogstad said...

Shannon en Roderic,

Mooie foto's

Kan alleen de video niet krijgen,

Zal wel aan mij liggen.

Hartelijke groet


gfox said...

YouTube/Google Video .... what's the diff? :P