Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shooting comp. #1

Last weekend I was away at the Divisional Skill At Arms Match...also known as DIV-SAAM, or a shooting competition. It was good fun, although I was really upset at myself for one thing: our sights are zeroed at 300m, and I forgot to remember that. So in a FIBUA, (Fighting In Built Up Areas) shoot, there was a rapid fire shoot at ten rounds in 9 seconds, in three rounds of three second target appearances, and I didn't compensate for the zeroing so my grouping was 4cm below the bullseye. Resulting in me ending up 16 points behind a guy on my team who made 5th place in the British TA (British Army Reserves), and I could have been up there aswell...but I guess I'll just have to settle for top 100...;)
Anyway, the shoot was good fun, lots of different types of shooting done, and I am really looking forward to this coming weekend when we will be doing another shoot called the NATO shoot. Hopefully I'll be able to meet some Canadian soldiers who will be over competing aswell, and this time make up for last weeks mistake!
This photo was taken after a shoot called 'the Para Cup' which involved a 2mile run in under 20 minutes with full gear, and then a 600m section attack down to 200m. I won't bore you with the details of what a section attack involves...but lots of running and shooting. However, I am very proud to say I hit a target with one shot at 500m! However, due to 2hours of sleep the night before I nearly died in the run prior to the shoot, if it wasn't for my teammates urging me on in good military fashion (I won't quote their oh-so inspirational lines of encouragement!) I doubt I'd have made it in time!

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