Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Memorial Day

At the beginning I found all this marching around, and funny movements all rather...obsurd and stupid. However after 9 hours of training one weekend in drill and marching, I have developed quite a lot of respect for those regiments you see that do everything perfectly in sinc and on time. And it feels so good when the company pulls of a perfect 'HALT!' and you hear the BANG BANG! of everyone's boots hitting the ground at the same time! Anyway, here's my regiment at the memorial day parade saluting the officers, and marching. It went really well...unfortunately though I wasn't issued my no. 2 dress, that comes in April. Those who are are the senior members, from Rhine and Yeves Company...I'm in Waterloo Company. Unfortunately I don't have many pictures especially any good ones, Laura was taking the pictures and she arrived late...but hopefully i'll have some of xmas camp, and especially of my passing out parade in April when I'll be in full no. 2's and doing rifle drill.

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Mom said...

Is that my little Bwenny?? He looks so good in his uniform. Who are those girls beside him? Are they about to giggle? Did he tell a funny story or something?? Is that him blowing on those bag pipes???

Great pictures Bren. Thanks for posting them.