Monday, July 4, 2005

Happy 4th!

Hey all.

Happy 4th of July. Not doing much celebrating around this household, although it does mean that Dave gets a day off of work. We had a busy day yesterday. Started off as per usual with a bottle for the kid, but early morning feedings have become far more bearable these days as both Dad and Mom are interested in watching the Tour De France, and since live coverage starts each morning at 5:30 AM, we're not so reluctant to crawl out of bed.

The past two days haven't been too exciting (except of course the last couple of minutes of the race) but the first day was absolutely stunning. Most of the attention has been focused on Lance of course, but big kudos to Dave Zabriskie who actually won the stage. He maintained an average speed of 54.68 km an hour. This is absolutely amazing. My fastest average speed doing my little sprint into work has been about 36 km an hour, and even on the straight aways where I can top out, I can only hit a max of about 45 km an hour. He also did this very early on, and set the bar for everyone else. No one even came close except for Sir Lancelot, who still missed the mark by 2 seconds.

Jen, Mollie and I actually got to watch Dave Z in action up close and personal, as he raced here earlier this year in the Morgan Hill Grand Prix (winning it handily). I also like Dave (and his team CSC) because they ride on Cervelos like yours truly...but of course they ride them much faster.

After watching the tour, we headed out for a quick hike up in the hills. As it turned out, we really didn't get to hike very far due to time, but at least we got out into the wilderness, and proved that we could do it with child in tow (and breastpump, and diapers, and backpack, and extra clothes and....).

We then headed down to Half Moon Bay, and met up with my buddy Bruce McKinnon, and his friend Jesse. Bruce was in San Francisco for the weekend, and was playing a couple of gigs. Unfortunately we didn't get to go up and see him actually play, but we had a great dinner at the Half Moon Bay Brewing Co.

Pictorial goodness is here!
I also finally posted the pictures of Mollie's visit to meet Keira.
Pics of Keira with her Gran

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