Saturday, June 4, 2005

Canadian Girl is Sad No Longer

I made it back from California in one piece. In 6 days I managed to meet my new niece, buy a new wardrobe with my Mom, drive to L.A. and Anaheim and back, and go for a couple of walks with Dave and Jen and Taita. Thanks to Chris for taking me to Disneyland and Universal Studios! We had a whirlwind trip through the Happiest Place on Earth and exhausted ourselves with 2 very long days at 2 very busy amusement parks-- but it was awesome. Here are some pics:It's a Small World-- my theme song!A moose-bush. I love it.The one Canadian symbol on the ride... blink and you'll miss it!Yay Goofy!Toon-Town... home of the day's longest lineup. (But it was a pretty cool ride).Universal Studios is even cooler than I remembered it to be.Chris just about got eaten by Jaws... but luckily I saved him right after I snapped this shot.Plane crash scene from an upcoming Tom Cruise movie.I tried to go undercover, but they found me anyway. There's just no avoiding the paparazzi these days. (I'll bet no one in the family was aware of Sandi Lee's new job...)

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Chris said...

I got better!