Sunday, March 6, 2005


That was the sound of the server's hard drive imploding. Fortunately (?) it was the BACKUP drive that imploded. The main drive is fine. Problem is that until I can scrounge up another 20gig drive, we're possibly living on borrowed time. Anyways, sorry about that. Everything should be back to normal. Please let me know if you have troubles with your mail (aside from the stupid certificate thing that I'll try and get resolved real soon now). The whole mess would've been fixed earlier, except it was such a nice day out, that I HAD to go for a bike ride, and since I wanted to go up to Coe, I needed the truck, and Jen needed the truck this afternoon to go down to the ranch, so the rest of you got to suffer without mail for a couple of hours so we could organize our leisure activities.


Mary said...

Glad you had a nice bike ride. It doesn't seem to hurt us to be without mail for a few hours--in fact it may be good for us! Thanks for getting things up and running.

Brennan said...

did it really go boom?