Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Michael Moore

OK... I was posting those pics at 2:30am so I didn't have a chance to write much more, for those of you who are asking. Basically the tour is called "The Slacker Uprising 2004" and he's doing it in 61 cities in 4 weeks. (2 cities a day!) His ambition is to get all of the non-voters (ie: slackers) to go to the polls and vote for Kerry. He said, "Sleep in, drink beer, vote for Kerry" and then threw clean underwear and Ramen noodles ("slacker staple food") to everyone who promised to get out and vote.
Moore also showed some "Vote Bush" commercials that he had made-- they were really funny. One of them was along the lines of, "When Senator John Kerry was being shot at in Vietnam, what did he do? He DUCKED." (This is said over a video of a soldier being rained on by bullets and ducking behind a tree). "Do you want a president who ducks?" (Shot of GWB being egged on his inauguration day) Then big letters "VOTE BUSH"... with an American flag being flown upside-down. He had 5-6 of them and had all 10,000 people laughing.
Prior to going into the media conference, I chatted with some protesting Bush supporters in front of the arena. One guy was telling me that Bush was totally justified in invading Iraq, because they found the tail of a plane buried in the sand there. "...and what else is buried there in those sands? We had to find out!"
When I asked him how many weapons the US has at the moment, he said, "Well... we're down 47% from what we had during Clinton's regime..."
I said, "So they're not as dangerous as the WMD that could potentially have been found in Iraq?"
He laughed, "Oh... our weapons are of a much higher calibre than what you'd find over there..."

It's hard to believe that there are people out there like that.

One Bush supporter is alledgedly half-Lebanese and half-Iraqi. I greeted him in Arabic. He could say hello, but not respond to "how are you", because he can't remember any Arabic. He couldn't read my Arabic necklace, either, and can't remember anything about his childhood in Lebanon, but was using his nationality as a selling point for GWB. That was really strange, because he seemed to have a heavy accent. I was wondering if he wasn't faking it.

Anyway... I think MM's speeches and presentations were really effective, and after interviewing a lot of people after the show, that seems to be the general consensus.

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